Anthony is dedicated to…

Low taxes. My long-term goal is to keep our property taxes among the lowest in Middle Tennessee. By expanding our tax base with additional retail and commercial development we are able to provide funding for quality schools, good roads, and safe neighborhoods.

Quality education. I work closely with the Director of Schools and Board of Education to ensure that Sumner County’s children are receiving the highest quality education. Having two children that attended and graduated from Sumner Schools, I personally know the importance of a great school system. Education changes lives.

Smart growth. I’m working to balance our County’s growth – both commercial and residential. I’ve been very successful at receiving State and Federal grants, and we’ve used this money to preserve historical sites, build greenways to enhance the natural beauty of our County, and encourage our citizens to be healthy.

Jobs at home. It is essential that we maintain a partnership with city and county officials to promote Sumner County as the ideal site for high-quality employers and corporate headquarters, which will make it possible for our residents to work in Sumner County. I worked hard to bring new industry and jobs and I won’t stop. The best way to create jobs is to invest in education, infrastructure, and streamline regulations to create an environment that encourages economic development.

Public safety. I’m a strong proponent of enhancing public safety in Sumner County. I support safe schools – we need a resource officer on every campus. A safe environment is conducive to effective learning and puts parents at ease. Also, we are currently working with all the cities in our County to centralize dispatch into our new hardened facility. Reducing call response time saves lives.

Strong leadership. Over my past term, our County has weathered the economic crisis, and today, Sumner County is strong and moving forward.

Sturdy economy. During my administration, the County’s bond rating has improved from AA- to AA+ and debt has decreased by 28%. New businesses are relocating to Sumner County, which is creating new and higher paying jobs. Also, the County’s retail sector has flourished, strengthening our tax base. Sumner County is economically strong, and only growing stronger.

Positive energy. Our education system is respected nationwide and is constantly improving; the historic sites in the County are being preserved for future generations; infrastructure throughout the County is continuously being expanded and updated; the near completion of the Highway 109 improvements and plans to further develop Highway 386 create safer transportation for our citizens and welcomes new economic development.

Anthony is the right choice for County Executive

Experienced – I have served the citizens of Sumner County since 1990 and have been County Executive since 2008. No one is more familiar with the issues and challenges Sumner County faces.

Work Ethic – I relied on hard work and responsibility to build a secure future for my family and myself. I apply that same ethic in my leadership as County Executive.

In Touch – Sumner County is diverse. In the past 24 years, I’ve committed myself to serving all of our residents whether rural, urban, or suburban. I listen and respond to each community’s individual need.

Collaborative – I cooperate with city and county leaders to find common ground and develop practical solutions. I have an excellent relationship with officials on all levels – local, State, and Federal.

Sense of Community – I strive to keep Sumner County moving forward. We enjoy a wonderful community – Old Hickory and the Cumberland are right outside our backdoor, we have gorgeous parks, rolling hills, farms with pastoral landscapes, and various historic sites. Sumner County’s the best place to live in Tennessee.

Citizen support – As a small business owner, I know the importance of good customer service. I know how to organize and manage a team of people who are focused on meeting your needs. I use this critical skill and experience in the County Executive’s office.

Pro-small business – I support the principles that encourage the creation, operation, and growth of small business. I believe that small business is crucial to Sumner County’s economic health.